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MENACO B.V. is a vegetable seed distribution company based in The Netherlands. MENACO was established in 2014 as a new set up aimed at serving the distribution of several brands in order to strengthen the ongoing commitment and ambition to become a leading company in the Middle East and North African markets.

MENACO distributes three Dutch professional brands - Nickerson-Zwaan, DP Elite Zaden and Huizer Zaden - all delivering a wide assortment of the highest quality seeds to farmers and plant raisers, supporting individual customers with experience and knowledge.

The MENACO brands focus on delivering seeds that provide high-yield, high-quality and disease resistant crops adapted to the region. They bring together cutting-edge science and decades of experience.

With a highly motivated team, including local demonstration and development, MENACO is offering the Middle East and North African markets a multi-brand strategy with a strong operational support, thus enabling growers to enjoy high-quality seeds and close service.


Who we are

  • We offer high-quality, disease resistant vegetable seeds.
  • We combine  high technology and decades of experience.
  • Our commitment to the Middle East and North African markets enables us to effectively respond to the needs of the growers.
Who we are


We work together with our partners internationally.
We strive for long-term relationships and a personal approach.