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DP Elite Zaden

The DP Elite Zaden brand has been active in the Middle East and North Africa for several decades. We are committed to the success of the Middle East and North African growers; we are offering a wide range of high quality products and dedicated support.

Hybrid vegetable seeds
In DP Elite Zaden we develop our high-performing vegetable varieties to meet the specific needs of each market through profound screening and trials. DP Elite Zaden provides support to its distribution network through close product development management, responding locally to market needs.

Member of the Limagrain Group
DP Elite Zaden is distributed by MENACO B.V. of The Netherlands, a member of the Limagrain Group. MENACO was established to further strengthen Limagrain’s commitment to the Middle East and North African markets. Limagrain, founded and managed by farmers, is a French co-operative agriculture enterprise. It is active worldwide and its vegetable seed division is the second largest vegetable seed company in the world.

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