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Nickerson-Zwaan invests heavily in onion breeding. We focus on yield, uniformity, firmness and dormancy. We provide growers varieties that produce not only high yield, but also high marketable yields after long term storage. We have an extensive range of onions containing: yellow, white and red, across short day, intermediate day, long day and extreme long day. We focus on disease and pest resistances, this improves our onion portfolio significantly.

  • Rijnsburger, Extreme  Long Day (ONX)
  • Onion Sets (ONX)
  • Long Day Hard Globe (ONL-HG)
  • Long Day Spanish Storage (ONL-SG)
  • Long Day Full Spanish (ONL-FS)
  • Intermediate Day (ONM-PLK)
  • Short Day (ONS)
  • Overwintering (ONO)
  • Bunching (Allium Fistulosum)

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